All-Ways Healing With Horses

Therapeutic Horsemanship

All-Ways Healing With Horses are strong believers in the positive affect horses have on humans in every aspect of life and that horses provide healing when teaching or improving horsemanship skills – not just with the traditional therapeutic riding that is so widely known.


All of our horses, both large and miniature, are handled naturally based on the Pat Parelli Natural Horsemanship method. We believe that the Horses are the most important part of our team. Our instructors and volunteers are all trained in the Parelli method and trained to watch the horses, hear what they say, and see what they show us. When you understand their language then they become a very powerful partner. They help build confidence, self-esteem, honesty, trust, respect, along with life and communication skills. They are a living/breathing, straight forward, soothing, gentle, and magical creature. They respond with heightened awareness, they mirror the individual’s inner and outer feelings and give immediate feedback.

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