All-Ways Healing With Horses

Therapeutic Horsemanship

The mission of All-Ways Healing With Horses is to encourage positive life experiences for those with mental, emotional, social and learning challenges through equine assisted activates and therapy while partnering with the heart of the horse.

Maureen and TeresaMaureen Thompson & Teresa Elvin were introduced to each other in 2007 when Teresa needed a lot of help with her first horse who tended to be pushy and have a mind of his own. It was a fast-developing friendship and with Maureen’s teachings, Teresa quickly learned that working on the ground with horses was a very powerful activity and the work she did with Reo spilled over into her everyday life.

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mini horseAt the first meeting we sit down with each participant, discuss their goals and what they would like to see happen by the end of their session(s). Once we meet with them we plan a series of activities for them to focus on to achieve their goal. All sessions have hands-on activities that are simple but challenging enough to have them think, process and find a solution(s) to meet their goal with any number of the 11 horses we have on site.

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To be successful in these programs we look for just the slightest try, and it is a building block process. Every small success will in the end build up to a mountain of successes. These programs are not based on any solid line or grading system. The criteria we use to measure the success for each participant is based on the individual person and their willingness, desire and attitude they show during each session and if they are trying to the best of their ability. We want this to be a positive and confidence building program. We consider the program a success if each participant works toward their goals to the best of their abilities. Even the smallest effort is a step in the right direction.

All-Ways Healing With Horses are strong believers in the positive affect horses have on humans in every aspect of life and that horses provide healing when teaching or improving horsemanship skills – not just with the traditional therapeutic riding that is so widely known.


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Horses are willing participants, they do not judge, reject or react in a negative tone. They are able to give participants a greater sense of self-development, self-awareness, confidence, developing life skills, the art of staying focused, self-esteem, team work, and motor skills. They also help with assertiveness, empathy, flexibility, impulse control, and problem solving skills.

Some of the diagnosis that benefit:

  • ADHA
  • At Risk Youth
  • Autism
  • Brain Injury
  • Downs Syndrome
  • PTSD
  • Sensory Dysfunction
  • Visual Hearing or Speech Impairment
  • Low Self Esteem/Confidence

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